When we convert production cars for racing, we always remove the air conditioning and the condenser, which is almost invariably mounted in front the radiator. That helps cooling, eases servicing and mechanical work and removes a bit of weight exactly where you don’t want it.

However, that condenser was handy for stopping those little bits of rubber from lodging between the fins of your radiator and preventing rocks and debris from damaging your radiator. To solve that, you can install the Allstar Radiator Honeycomb. Available in a 19-inch by 26-inch sheet, the Radiator Honeycomb can fit over even the largest radiators, or be cut to cover the portion exposed to debris kicked up during a race.

It’s likely to affect cooling a little bit, but not much, and it prevents the kind of damage that can end your race and add expense. $28.99 at time of publication. Also, for $8.99 more, you can get the universal mounting kit.

Image courtesy of Allstar

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