AEM 400LPH High Flow, High-Pressure Inline Fuel Pump

AEM’s 400LPH High Flow, High-Pressure Inline Fuel Pumps are designed for high performance naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles. They can be installed externally or in-tank using optional hardware that is sold separately. It utilizes the industry standard “044 Style” envelope and the -10 AN female inlet and -6 AN female outlet connections for easy installation on new applications and for quick replacement of existing competitor fuel pumps, or with metric fittings as a direct replacement for an 044. The part No. 50-1005 (AN) and part No. 50-1009 (metric) fuel pumps deliver incredible performance and value.

AEM’s 400LPH High Flow, High-Pressure Fuel Pumps are capable of supporting over 1,200 horsepower normally aspirated and a whopping 860 HP at 30 psi boost! They flow 400LPH (100 gph) at 40 PSI, 340LPH (90 gph) at 73 PSI, and 270LPH (71 gph) at 120 PSI. Complete flow curves from 35 to 120 PSI and current draw vs. fuel pressure charts are available on our website. $155.29

Image courtesy of AEM

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