Yokohama Tire to Offer Trophy to Move of the Month Winners

You no doubt have noticed that the Move of the Month is now the Yokohama Move of the Month, courtesy of a sponsorship through NASA National partner Yokohama Tire. As mentioned in last week’s Yokohama Move of the Month, we’re going to be upping the ante a bit for 2023, starting with the February installments.

For February, we’ll still be including one Yokohama Move of the Month in each weekly issue of Speed News. At the end of February, we’re going to post all of them one last time and have NASA members click like on the video they like most. The winner of the most likes will get a handsome trophy pictured above from Yokohama Tire.

Starting in March, we’ll post four Yokohama Moves of the Month at one time, at which point you can click like on your favorite, and the video that gets the most likes wins. Pretty simple.

We hope you like the new format, and we hope the winners enjoy showing off their trophies provided by Yokohama Tire.

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