The NASA-sanctioned United States Touring Car Championship series just announced that it has approved the Victor Racing Smart Active Aero drag-reduction system wing for use in 2020.

The first of its kind, Victor Racing’s Smart Active Aero wings are standalone systems with built-in computers and sensors that automatically control the position of the rear wing using sophisticated software algorithms to optimize downforce needed to maximize the performance of the cars to produce the quickest lap times possible.

As the sole provider of Active Aero products for the USTCC, Victor Racing offers several different models, which can be used by a wide variety of car models competing in the various classes for the series.

“It is exciting to be the only professional series outside of Formula 1 to use DRS, and Victor Racing products are high quality and affordable,” said Ali Arsham, managing director of USTCC.

Victor Racing’s Smart Active Aero technology puts USTCC cars on a level normally reserved for super and hyper cars costing hundred of thousands to millions of dollars.

“We set out to increase the use of Smart Active Aero technologies for the masses, which is a noble idea, since, before us, it was mostly exclusive to very expensive cars,” said Victor Wong, CEO, Victor Racing. “We made our products simple to install and with a starting price of just $1,499, the are financially accessible for most everyone.”

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