As NASA’s official tire retailer, gives NASA members immediate access to an extensive national inventory of Toyo and Hoosier DOT R compounds, along with Continental Extreme Contact Force tires, all offered at special rates. Use Sponsorship Code DRIVENASA and check out your member pricing.

The TrackDayTire customer support team is on hand to assist NASA members with selecting and fitting the right tires for their vehicles. They provide expert advice and resources for Hoosier and Toyo’s contingency programs. Additionally, NASA Members are offered exclusive pricing on tires when they shop through

NASA is still the only sanctioning body in the United States that offers a contingency rewards program for HPDE drivers. That’s right. NASA’s track day enthusiasts can earn Toyo Bucks good toward new tires when they advance from one HPDE level to the next.

That’s why NASA and its 2024 official tire supplier are excited to announce the renewal of the HPDE Rewards program for this racing season. Here are the program details you need to know.

NASA HPDE drivers can earn rewards in the form of Toyo Bucks when they progress through different levels. Advancing from HPDE1 to HPDE2 grants a $100 reward. Moving up from HPDE2 to HPDE3 increases the reward to $200, and going from HPDE3 to HPDE4 yields $300 in Toyo Bucks. Additionally, advancing from HPDE4 to the Time Trial category results in a significant reward of $600 in Toyo Bucks. proudly continues as the designated center for redeeming Toyo Bucks and remains the sole redemption partner for the NASA HPDE Rewards program. This exclusive arrangement allows NASA members across the country to purchase Toyo and Hoosier DOT R compound competition tires at the most competitive prices, and benefit from speedy delivery.

NASA HPDE drivers can claim $100 in Toyo Bucks when moving from HPDE1 to HPDE2. When moving from HPDE2 to HPDE3, the rewards increase to $200. Going from HPDE3 to 4 nets you $300 in Toyo Bucks and going from HPDE4 to Time Trial gets you $600 in Toyo Bucks.
Image courtesy of Brett Becker

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