Toyo Tires Announces 2021 NASA Contingency Prize Programs

NASA drivers will enjoy one of the richest tire contingency prize packages in amateur racing in 2021 with the new programs from Toyo Tires and NASA.

For 2021, Toyo Tires has made available $13.8 million in contingency prizes for regional and NASA Championships competition, and $465,000 in cash prizes for the 2021 NASA Championships Presented by Toyo Tires at Daytona International Speedway Sept. 13-16.

“For 19 years, Toyo Tires has been such a wonderful partner to NASA,” said Jeremy Croiset, Vice President of NASA. “We’re proud to announce such a generous program for 2021, which rewards NASA competitors with lavish contingency prizes while providing unmatched support throughout the race season.”

In open-tire classes, payouts now include section widths up to 345, with increased payouts all the way to third place for regional and Championships competition. Open tire classes include AIX, Super Touring, German Touring Series and all Time Trial classes.

Toyo Tires has made available $465,000 in cash prizes at the 2021 NASA Championships Presented by Toyo Tires at Daytona in September.

Spec tire classes enjoy payouts all the way back to 14th depending on the number of cars starting the race, and generous prizes for regional and Championships competition.

Toyo also is continuing its first-of-its-kind contingency program for HPDE drivers. HPDE drivers get $100 in Toyo Bucks for moving from HPDE1 to HPDE2. Drivers get $200 for moving from HPDE2 to HPDE3 and $300 for going from HPDE3 to HPDE4. In addition, HPDE4 drivers qualify for $600 in Toyo Bucks for advancing to Time Trial. All HPDE tire rewards are redeemed through, the exclusive retailer for the program.

The streamlined processes for claiming contingencies that debuted in 2019 are still in place. Competitors in spec tire classes fill out one annual registration form with one photo of each side, and the front and rear of their cars with the required decals, then submit claim forms online as their race season progresses.

Competitors in open-tire classes need only submit four photos of the front, rear and sides of their cars, plus one of the Toyo Tire mounted on the wheels, and geotag the photos. Claims are done online the same way as competitors in spec tire classes. Geotagging instructions are explained in a link on the claim form.

These programs are available beginning immediately for NASA competitors in 2021. For complete details on the Toyo Tires Contingency Program please visit

Image courtesy of Redline Photo

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