Time Trial Competition Heats Up for 2024 NASA Championships

Just before the Easy Pay program ended, NASA time Trial saw an uptick in number of drivers slated to compete at the 2024 NASA Championships. As of June 18, there were 87 drivers scheduled to do battle at this year’s Championships event at Utah Motorsports Campus Sept. 5-8.

TT2 is currently the largest class, with 14 entries, followed by TT3 with 12 cars. TTU, TT1 and TT4 each has 11 entries. TTU is packed with some fast cars including Norma, Wolf and Staudacher prototypes along with Corvettes and Vipers and Porsches.

“Eighty-seven entries in TT will make for two solid run groups at the Championships,” said NASA National Event Manager Marie Adams. “I’d have to double check previous records, but I think this might be the the most TT entries we have had at the NASA Championships.”

That means we only need 13 more hit 100 cars in Time Trial, which would smash all previous Championships records for Time Trial competition! Forty-three of those competitors are from the Utah Region, which means competition will be tight because this is the home track that NASA Utah drivers know well.

To be part of this year’s epic TT competition at the 2024 NASA Championships, be sure to register befor the July 1 price increase. Time Trial competition has never been better. Register to be part of the action this year!

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