Brett Becker (left) and Eric Green received the Best Audio Visual Award from the Motor Press Guild for its mini documentary, “A Living History: Inside Mazda's Heritage Racing Car Collection."

It took a couple of years to get the physical award from the Motor Press Guild, but now it’s official. Speed News won the 2021 award for Best Audio Visual from the Motor Press Guild, the largest automotive media association in North America.

The mini-documentary, “A Living History: Inside Mazda’s Heritage Racing Car Collection” was recognized as the best in the audio visual, one of eight categories in the contest held the first quarter each year. With footage and interviews from the people who maintain Mazda’s Heritage Collection, and fans and enthusiasts, “A Living History” provides a perspective from those who make the program work and those who appreciate it most.

“It is nice to get this kind of recognition,” said Brett Becker, who wrote, edited and narrated the film. “We could not have done it without the cooperation of Dean Case, who was with Mazda Motorsports at the time, the people he provided for us to interview, and the ‘backstage passes’ he got for us that made the whole thing work. Mazda’s help was instrumental, as was that of producer and director Eric Green, who brought skills and expertise I just don’t have. My goal was to make him happy with the final edit. The MPG award is really the cherry on top.”

Now with more than 2,000 views since it was first posted, “A Living History” is still available for viewing on YouTube. If you can imagine in your mind what a four-rotor rotary engine sounds like, then you need to check it out. After all, it is an award-winning film.

“Brett kind of sprung this concept on me at the last minute when we were headed down for a photo shoot at Mazda’s offices in Irvine, and it seemed like an interesting idea. Ultimately, I’m glad we put in the work,” said producer and director Eric Green. “I had a lot of fun on those shoots, and getting to film a sit-down interview with driver Tommy Kendall was one of the highlights of my career.”


Image courtesy of Brett Becker


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