Soundstream’s 725B Receiver

Audio-visual giants Soundstream and Precision Power will partner with the Nitto Tires U.S. Touring Car Championship for the 2015 season beginning with round two taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah. This event is part of the big weekend hosted by Lucas Oil Off Road Racing and will take place at the Miller Motorsports Park on June 20-21, 2015. Soundstream will provide prizes for the Soundstream Award at every race this season.

Soundstream has been the leader in mobile audio engineering and performance for the past 20 years. “Bold engineering and unconventional thinking will bring out nothing but the best in both our product and our people,” said Esmeralda Diaz of Epsilon. This vision has earned Soundstream over 90 industry awards for innovation and performance.

Precision Power’s engineering prowess has set new standards of excellence in the automotive electronics industry. By applying new technologies like SMT production techniques, advanced board topology and premium grade output devices it has provided the best-in-class sound quality at reasonable retail prices. Both brands are recognized worldwide as a leader in the audio/visual world for automotive electronics.

Soundstream Technologies and Precision Power both operate under the umbrella of Epsilon Electronics Inc., and specializes in the automotive electronics audio/visual industry. Dating back more than 30 years, Epsilon Electronics, Inc. has been a pioneer in the audio world, with visionary products for the home and vehicle. With a foundation established in 1983, Epsilon has a history rich in this arena, specializing in the automotive audio industry. In 1996 Epsilon became only the second U.S.-based manufacturer to enter the automotive video category.


NASA’s YouTube Channel Hosting “Survive the 25”

NASA’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance is long. It’s challenging. It’s unpredictable. It’s prestigious, even for the pros.

NASA’s 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance has become a staple of endurance racing, drawing top competitors and teams from all around the world. The changing weather, deep field of competitors and taxing track layout make the event especially exciting for teams, drivers and fans.

“Survive the 25” is a documentary that chronicles the struggles and triumphs of four teams as they battle through the 2014 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance. The show originally aired on MavTV June 2 at 5 p.m. EST. The teams featured in the show include Davidson Racing, Crowd Strike-One Motorsports, SP Racing, and JFC Racing.

If you missed the original and subsequent television airings in June, NASA will also host the show on its YouTube channel here:


Big Cash Rewards in New Ford Performance Contingency Program

The National Auto Sport Association recently announced the Ford Performance Contingency Program for NASA competitors in 2015. The new program will provide fantastic cash awards to NASA competitors competing regionally and at either NASA Championships event. The program provides awards to competitors in the American Iron Series, Spec Iron, Super Touring, Performance Touring, and Super Unlimited classes.

Spec Iron competitors are eligible for up to $1,000 in cash awards for regional top-three finishes! Additionally, Spec Iron along with the other classes in the American Iron Series, Performance Touring, Super Touring, and Super Unlimited classes are eligible for $2,250 in cash awards for finishing in the top three of their respective Regional Championship. To sweeten the pot even further, Ford Performance will offer NASA competitors at either Championships event in these same classes the chance to collect $4,250 in additional cash awards!

“This new contingency program being offered by Ford Performance is extremely lucrative,” said Jeremy Croiset, NASA Director of Business Development. “This program shows that Ford means business and is really putting its best foot forward to support the NASA membership.”

The contingency program is available beginning immediately to all NASA competitors in these respective classes at each NASA regional and Championships events. For complete information on the contingency program, please visit




Our NASA Speed News June “Click to Win” contest winner is John George, who won the OTC wire crimp tools featured on our “In Gear” pages in our April issue. Congratulations, George! To claim your prize, send an email to SpeedNewsEditor@ Don’t miss your opportunity to win a set of OTC brake pin tools this month. Make sure you look through the “In Gear” pages and find the “Click to Win” icon and enter for your chance to win. This contest will continue for the next several issues, so enjoy the scavenger hunt and good luck!


Ask National

Q: Why doesn’t NASA use a splitter person like other organizations?

A: A splitter is a person that stands at pit-out and points the race cars either left or right, alternating, to tell them what side of the track they will start on. In the 1990s, NASA Executive Director Jerry Kunzman took two of the road racing groups to race at a small local circle track, where the regulars there just lined themselves up. Kunzman figured, “If they can figure it out, our guys can too.” There were no issues after the rule change to eliminate the splitter. In fact, it solved a few other problems, like cars dropping out on the pace lap.


Q: Are passengers younger than 18 allowed in HPDE sessions?

A: Typically the only time a minor is allowed as a passenger is when they are registered participant for that event and it is intended as part of their curriculum. The driver of the car should be their assigned instructor or group leader.

Sometimes regions will have off hours parade laps at special events. These are done at slow speeds without helmets and the entire family can enjoy a tour of the track.

Image courtesy of Brett Becker

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