SFI Foundation Identifies More Counterfeit Labels

The SFI Foundation has issued two more notices of counterfeit labels on driver safety products the company has not tested.

SFI has found that some driver suits from StanJ International have been fitted with counterfeit SFI labels, despite StanJ International never having been enrolled in the SFI 3.2A testing protocol.

SFI also has issued an advisory that it has found harnesses sold by Sickspeed through Ebay.com also bear counterfeit labels. Sickspeed also is not enrolled in any SFI testing programs.

It’s important to those who might be tempted by a low price that it usually stems from a shortcut somewhere along the line. SFI testing costs money, which is why some manufacturers resort to counterfeit labels. Safety equipment is not a place you want to skimp on quality. Insist on high-quality safety equipment from a reputable supplier.

Image courtesy of SFI


  1. Noticed both of these companies no longer have the offending products listed, always buy your safety items from reputable suppliers!

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