RASTuning restraint systems sold on Amazon.com have been found to have counterfeit SFI Foundation labels on them. NASA members are advised not to purchase them. They will not pass tech inspection.

The SFI Foundation recently released an alert on counterfeit SFI labels on driver restraint systems from RASTuning Parts, which are sold through Amazon. The SFI Foundation news brief said, “RASTuning Parts harnesses have not been submitted for testing by SFI and RASTuning Parts is not enrolled in any SFI program.”

The SFI Foundation tests racing safety products to ensure they meeT the minimum standards outlined by the submitting manufacturer. SFI tests the products in its laboratory in Poway, Calif.

Genuine SFI labels contain hidden security features and slightly different fonts and materials, but the photos that accompany this story should help NASA members steer clear of the untested restraints.

For more information, visit sfifoundation.com.

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