The label at left is a genuine SFI label. The counterfeit label is on the right.

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is, and a low, low price on a driver’s suit, shoes and gloves sold by a Pakistani company through a Facebook page is where this story begins.

The SFI Foundation has just released a bulletin alerting all consumers to counterfeit SFI labels on suits and gloves from Speedsy Racewear. The suit and gloves have not undergone testing by SFI, and the labels on the merchandise are counterfeit. From the SFI bulletin:

“SFI has found driver suits and accessories sold by Speedsy Racewear that bear counterfeit SFI labels stating that the manufacturer certifies that its products meet applicable SFI specs. A suit was found to have a counterfeit level 20 label, but very thin construction not capable of providing level 20 protection. Also, single-layer gloves were found to have level 15 counterfeit labels. In each case, this represents dangerously substandard levels of protection.”

For more information, visit the SFI Foundation website. NASA drivers interested in purchasing high-quality racing equipment should seek it through one of NASA’s many national partners.

Suits and gloves with counterfeit SFI labels are being sold via Facebook from Speedsy Racewear, which also appears to offer racing shoes.
Image courtesy of SFI Foundation

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