SEBECO is pleased to announce the expansion of the SEBECO NP01 contingency program for NASA drivers for 2024. These awards will be available to competitors participating in NASA races in all regions across the United States, including the 2024 NASA Championships at Utah Motorsports Campus.

This contingency program is SEBECO’s way of acknowledging and rewarding the dedication of the drivers who continue to race SEBECO Prototypes. In the interest of fostering growth of the series in NASA regions nationwide, contingencies will be awarded based on field size.

A minimum of three in-class SEBECO cars must start the race to claim the first-place award. A minimum of six in-class SEBECO cars must start the race to claim the second- and third-place awards. Additionally, at NASA races with 10-plus SEBECO competitors, SEBECO will be providing parts support with our SEBECO parts van to help create an environment where racers have a large field to compete with while easing some of the cost burdens associated with a single-driver format.


SEBECO Regional Contingency Prizes

First Place

$500 SEBECO Credit

Second Place

$250 SEBECO Credit

Third Place

$100 SEBECO Credit

Overall Championship Awards

The winner in the SEBECO NP01 class at the NASA Championships race at Utah Motorsports Campus on September 8 will be awarded the following:

First Place Overall

$2,500 SEBECO Credit

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