The Scalar Performance SCR1 is the first all-electric amateur touring race car. With a bespoke powertrain designed for the rigors of racing, it is the first club racing electric vehicle approved by the National Auto Sport Association for touring car road racing.

The SCR1 has been engineered to provide its driver with the same feeling of a midengine gas-powered racecar, while adding new technologies and the exhilarating torque of an electric-powered car for an overall improved racing experience. Applying a user-centered design process, the SCR1 was built to provide drivers with the best all-electric amateur sport club racecar.

Modernizing club sport amateur racing by providing racecar owners with new technologies was the driving force behind the engineering of the Scalar Performance SCR1. Technologies such as continuous real time telemetry, high resolution GPS, powertrain metrics and driver behavior data used by professional racing teams are available on the SCR1.

Maintenance of the SCR1 is minimal, allowing drivers to spend their race weekends racing. Another driver-centered way of improving racing experience for racecar owner.

Safety remains the priority in the continuous development of this racecar. Scalar Performance’s mantra is protect the driver, protect the track, protect the car. A large number of safety systems have been put in place inside the SCR1 that meet and exceed all FIA safety requirements for electric vehicles, making it a very safe racecar to drive and to own.

The SCR1 Founder Edition will be limited to 10 vehicles which are scheduled to hit the race track in 2023.

Image courtesy of Scalar

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