RUSH Auto Works of Houston, Texas, has launched production of its new RUSH SR-1 Spec racecar. The RUSH SR-1 has been developed as a low-cost- to-own-and-operate spec racecar that delivers high performance. At a base price of $28,995 for a complete car, the SR-1 is designed to open up high-performance motorsport to a larger market segment of customers.

The company also has released its plan for an inaugural RAW Race Series for the car, which will be launching in 2020. The RAW Race Series shall be run by NASA Texas and will launch as a regional series. Plans call for expansion of the series in the following years. The inaugural RAW race series will include five double-header events, and the Championship will be open to single driver and two-driver teams where two drivers can share the costs of a single car.

The RUSH SR-1, is a single-seat full-body design using a 1,000 cc 145-horsepower engine in an 850-pound package. A close-ratio, six-speed sequential gear box with electronic paddle shift, three final drive ratios and an adjustable-plate-style limited-slip differential help get that power to the ground. The power-to-weight ratio of the car comes in at the equivalent of 375 hp/ton, delivering near supercar performance! This puts the car in a territory of other spec racecars that in many cases can cost five to 10 times the price of the SR-1.

David Hosie, company founder and principal engineer has said that the prototype has completed more than six months of testing and chassis development, and the first production run of cars has now been launched. This first production run is already more than 50 percent committed to confirmed customers and should be completed before the end of 2019. The series will launch during the second quarter of 2020, and the company is excited to see the field of RUSH SR-1’s race for the first time. The company is expecting to field more than 20 cars that first event. In addition to the attractive price point, the company is offering a $3,000 rebate on the car for owners competing in a 10-race championship series.

Year: 2020
Make: Rush Auto Works
Model: SR-1
Weight: 850 lbs. w/o driver
Engine/Horsepower: 1.0-liter inline DOHC four
Transmission: Six-speed sequential
Suspension Front: Unequal-length double wishbone, two-way adjustable shocks
Suspension Rear: Unequal-length double wishbone, two-way adjustable shocks
Tires Front: 43163 7 x 13 R25A racing slick
Tires Rear: 43287 8 x 13 R25A racing slick
Brakes Front: RUSH four-piston billet caliper
Brakes Rear: RUSH four-piston billet caliper
Data system: Optional AiM systems available

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  1. Fantastic testing sequence clearly all set for an exciting opening to the 2020 Season. RUSH have brought real high performance racing the the club racer … great achievement

    • Michael, The car can accommodate a driver up to 6’4″ as standard depending on build. We also offer an extended roll bar at no additional cost. Please contact our sales manager Cale Blevins and he will gladly get you a full information pack. [email protected]

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