Registration for the 2023 NASA Championships is off to a great start, with drivers from all  across the country already signed up. The entry list showcases an impressive roster of talent from NASA regions from coast to coast.

So far, Spec Miata is looking like it will be the largest class, followed by Thunder Roadster GTR and Spec E46. Time Trial also is filling in nicely, with nearly 30 competitors overall.

Entry fees for racing increase from $999 to $1,049 on May 1st. For Time Trial, entry fees increase from $699 to $749.

For convenience, take advantage of NASA’s Easy Pay program, which lets you reserve your spot at the 2023 NASA Championships for just $299 now, with the balance due July 31. The Easy Pay reservation fee lets you reserve now at the lowest entry fees, which is a great value. But it won’t last forever. The Easy Pay option will close May 31.

Don’t miss your chance to race with your NASA family at one of the prettiest racetracks on the Eastern Seaboard. Register for the 2023 NASA Championships today!

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