Nissan Announces 2021 NASA Racing Contingency Program

NASA Nissan racers will welcome the news that Nissan Motorsports has renewed its contingency programs for 2021. As in years past, competitors must comply with certain decal requirements and complete a 2021 registration form, but the program remains largely the same.

Benefits of the NISMO program included special parts pricing directly from Nissan Motorsports. Registered competitors can enter their car’s VIN and begin searching for parts. Nissan Motorsports will keep your credit card information on file for speedy processing.

Contingency prizes for Spec Z and Super Touring classes are available for regional racing and up to $1,500 in prize money at the NASA Championships. There’s also prizes for Time Trial competitors in classes with three or more cars entered.

For more information, email the Nissan Motorsports office with any questions.

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