The world’s most affordable closed-cockpit prototype racecar just got better.

The newly revised NASA Prototype, dubbed the NP01-EVO, has been enhanced to offer higher horsepower, more grip, durability and refinement.

The NP01-EVO now makes 210 horsepower, an increase of 25 horsepower over the first-generation NP01. Even with increased horsepower and a redline raised to 7,300 rpm on the 2.0-liter Mazda MZR power plant, there are no changes expected for the engine-refresh interval.

NASA also is excited to announce the NP01-EVO will benefit from the increased mechanical grip of a new spec Hoosier racing tire, with a structure and compound designed specifically for the NP01-EVO. The new Hoosier NP01 racing slick will become standard equipment when it goes on sale March 8, and will become the official dry-weather racing tire for the NASA Prototype series. As part of the newly announced partnership program, Hoosier will make the tire available to competitors for the reduced sale price of $245. The series also will use Hoosier’s new W2 wet weather racing tire for any competition sessions during inclement weather.

“We set out to find a tire that delivered the grip, durability, predictability and value to complement the other improvements made to the NP01-EVO,” said NASA Vice President Jeremy Croiset. “The NP01 racing slick checked all those boxes, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. I believe this new EVO package and racing slick are really going to impress people.”

“Hoosier Racing Tire is very proud to begin this partnership with the National Auto Sport Association and its prestigious NP01 prototype program,” said Adam Batton, Business Unit Manager for Circuit Racing at Hoosier Racing Tire. “Our goal was to deliver a unique, standalone tire that not only met the demands of the NP01-EVO’s advanced design, but was also in accord with the ethos of the class – which is to provide a fun, fast, safe, and affordable racing platform! Our team is eager to showcase the elevated performance level and unrivaled consistency of the Hoosier “NP01” slick in 2021!”

Thanks to the new front splitter ramps, rear diffuser and relocated rear wing, downforce has doubled to nearly a thousand pounds. Spring rates and shock valving also have changed to accommodate the additional loads.

SEBECO has made numerous other improvements over the last 12 months. Those include revised rear upper control arms, rear suspension rocker arms and revised rear axles. More subtle refinements come in the form of increased use of powder coating throughout the car, heat shielding for the exhaust, two red anodized tow hooks for increased visibility and convenience, and the addition of a factory headrest for the driver. The NP01 also is available with the Chillout driver cooling system as an option, and soon will feature an optional, factory-offered paddle-shift system.

All of these improvements are included in the $69,995 price for a fully assembled car. Options pricing is available directly through SEBECO Motorsport.

SEBECO Motorsport handles all design, manufacturing, sales and replacement parts programs in house, so the costs to compete in an NP01 have been significantly reduced. Having already established itself as the greatest racecar value in terms of performance per dollar, the NP01-EVO is one of the least expensive racecars to operate anywhere in the world.

“If you think about it in terms of lap times per dollar spent, the NP01 has proven itself to be the fastest, most competitive, and enjoyable racing for the money compared with anything available on the market today,” said Croiset. “The NP01-EVO doubles down on that value proposition, and we are excited about the future of the NP01-EVO and the NASA Prototype racing series.”


Images courtesy of Photo Courtesy of Hoosier Racing and Brett Becker

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