After more than 10 years, a logo that began life when Speed News was published in the digital magazine format is set to be retired at the end of June 2023. It had a good, long run, but it was time for an update to complement some of NASA’s latest branding activities, to come up with a logo that communicated clearly what it is all about.

Gone is the old logo with the predominant SN. In its place will be a new logo that includes the NASA nameplate and has the words Speed News spelled out in full.

“Adopting a new logo always seems like such a simple thing, but having ushered in a number of new logos in my career, there are always a few curve balls in store,” said NASA Communication Director and Speed News editor Brett Becker. “Thanks to everyone at the NASA National Office, we used everyone’s input to create the new graphic, which, ironically enough, is simpler than the one it replaces. And, because of its simplicity, it should last us awhile.”

The new Speed News logo replaces the one that debuted when Speed News was published in the digital magazine format.
Image courtesy of Brett Becker

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