As our nation and our world plot a path through the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is working with state and local governments, facility managers, and medical professionals to ensure that the safety of our members comes first. We are actively consulting with both scientific and medical professionals to better understand the risks present and we will use that guidance to determine an appropriate course of action over the coming months.

We are following state and federal recommendations to cancel events until March 31st and we will activate a health and safety plan for when events will be allowed to continue. When we do resume operations, we will institute a policy that allows for social distancing while still providing NASA members with industry leading professionally-run events.

If you have any questions about an upcoming event, please contact your local Regional Director. NASA appreciates your support and we will do our best to ensure your safety at our events as we have for nearly 30 years. Please watch our social media feeds for updates. If you have any doubts about your health or your safety, please stay home-we’ll be here ready to welcome you back when you’re ready to join the fun again.


  1. Will we receive a credit or a refund for the events cancelled? Mine is NCM with Great Lakes Mar 27-28

    • I was enrolled in a NASA event last year that was cancelled (Northern CA) due to the fires we had. NASA will not keep your money. They will likely give you the choice of a refund or credit. Give them some time to work out the details and they will straighten everything out. DON’T WORRY EVERYONE!!!

  2. Same Question. I have two drivers that will need refunds from the Great Lakes region for NCM March 27-28.

  3. Sport events with spectators have been cancelled. Because there are not any spectators who are not part of the crews or drivers that are waiting for their next session I believe that with proper social distanceing and adult behavior NASA events could be managed. Now having said that it’s still a serious matter that we as free individuals need to take responsibility for our family, friends, coworkers, and employees. All are free to give honest civil feedback to my opinion.

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