When the winter ice begins to melt and the NASA racing calendar heats up, NASA’s new contingency programs begin to appear.

For 2022, all your favorite NASA contingencies are back in place, including generous programs from Toyo Tires, Hawk Performance, Mazda Motorsports, Maxxis Tires, Hoosier Racing Tire and Motion Control Suspension.

Toyo Tires

Now in its 20th season, Toyo Tires’ lucrative Toyo Bucks program continues for 2022, with programs for spec and open-tire classes for regional competition, endurance racing, Teen Mazda Challenge, Spec MX-5, regional championships and the 2022 NASA Championships at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. All totaled, there is more than $10 million in Toyo Bucks and cash up for grabs nationwide in 2022.

Regional spec tire awards spread Toyo Bucks awards from first to fifth and from 10th to 14th depending on the number of starters. Open-tire classes enjoy Toyo Bucks awards to all podium finishers. For regional championships, Toyo awards bucks to first, second and third places if there are five or more starters for at least six races in a season.

At the NASA Championships, spec-tire classes will be vying for more than $200,000 in cash awards from first to fifth. Competitors in open-tire classes will be competing for $65,000 in Toyo Bucks awards from first to third place. What’s more, Time Trial awards can be claimed in addition to race awards at the NASA Championships.

Hawk Performance

Hawk Performance also is returning for its 14th year as a NASA national partner with its contingency program, which awards Hawk Bucks to drivers who finish first through fifth in regional and national competition. Hawk also awards bucks to teams that finish first through 10th at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill Presented by Hawk Performance. Hawk also will be awarding contingencies for the Championships races at the 2022 NASA Championships in September. And remember, Hawk Bucks are good for racing pads or for brakes for your street car or tow vehicle.

Mazda Motorsports

The car company known and loved for supporting amateur racers, Mazda Motorsports, is back with awards for finishers in first through fifth place depending on the number of starters, and all you need to do is have the appropriate Mazda patch on your suit and decals on your Mazda or Mazda-powered racecar.

There are specifics about field sizes and timelines for claiming awards, but Mazda Motorsports’ program is peerless in amateur racing, with prizes up to $4,000 in cash for the NASA Championships and up to $600 for Time Trial drivers in Mazda or Mazda-powered vehicles. Mazda also offers a tow-fund for NASA Championships competitors who are coming from more than 750 miles away.

Prize money for Spec MX-5 Challenge Presented by Toyo Tires reflects Mazda’s commitment to its newest series, with $15,000 for the National Series Champion, $10,000 for regional champions and $5,000 for team champions. That’s all in addition to the per-race payouts at all Spec MX-5 regular season events.

Visit the payouts page for more details. There’s a lot on offer for Mazda competitors.

Maxxis Tires

When you do the math, the value of all the tires Maxxis is giving away to NASA competitors in 2022 is more than $150,000.

As the new spec tire supplier for Spec E30, Maxxis saves drivers money on every tire they buy, maximizing their racing budgets. Maxxis now has more generous programs in place than ever. Requirements for participation include a suit patch and the appropriate decals on the car.

In regional competition, when there are eight or more starters in spec-tire classes, Maxxis awards three free tires to first-place finishers, two tires to second and one tire to third-place finishers.

In regional open-tire and endurance classes, Maxxis awards two free tires for first place, one for second and one for third, provided there are five or more starters.

At this year’s NASA Championships, Maxxis will award Spec E30 drivers six free tires for first place, four free tires for second, two tires for third and one free tire for fourth. Other series eligible for those same awards at this year’s NASA Championships include AIX, Super Touring, German Touring and Time Trial. Eight or more drivers must start the races for these awards to apply.

Hoosier Racing Tire

In regional competition, Hoosier Racing Tire awards first- and second-place finishers in regional competition and first through third at the NASA Championships this September. Championships winners in races with 10 or more starters win four free tires. Racing drivers can claim up to four tires per event and Time Trial drivers can win up to two tires per event. Hoosier also offers a program for endurance racing. That equals more than 12,500 no-charge contingency tires available to NASA competitors in 2022.

Motion Control Suspension

Racers who use suspension components from Motion Control Suspension will enjoy an excellent contingency program for 2022. Depending on the class in which a competitor races, drivers in regional competition can win $100 in product credit for first place, $75 in product credit for second and $50 in product credit for third place. In American Iron Extreme, German Touring and Super Touring Series, drivers can win $500 in product credit for first, $250 for second and $125 for third. Endurance racers also can get $175 in product credit for first place in classes with six or more starters, $100 for second and $50 for third. MCS also offers cash payouts for Championships back to fifth place.

More contingency and incentive programs are forthcoming, and will include generous benefits for NASA Time Trial and HPDE drivers, as well as NASA instructors. Keep an eye on Speed News and the NASA prize page for more details as the 2022 race season gets into full swing.

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