NASA Renews and Expands Member Benefits Program!

While we’re all laying low, it might be a good time to take advantage of some of the contingency and member benefits programs NASA has put together for its members. Ranging from product discounts to regional and championships contingency programs, these member benefits make it possible to recoup the cost of your NASA membership. Here are the latest in renewals and expansions.

Anderson Composites

Anderson Composites has robust resources to manufacture carbon fiber and fiberglass products through the latest technologies and best practices. Anderson Composites provides a sponsorship program for exclusive offerings to interested teams. Please email us at: [email protected] for more information.


In 1957, Raybestos began partnering with drivers in the Indy 500 and sponsoring the Safety in Speed award. This started a long tradition of excellence and recognition in the racing world. Today, Raybestos offers both Professional Racing Brake Pads for on track racing and Performance Specialty Disc Brake Pads for off-track extreme-sport drivers.

Place Raybestos decals on your vehicle at the next NASA race to earn the opportunity to win Raybestos pads through our contingency program.

Motion Control Systems

Whether you are running Motion Control Suspension or a different brand, NASA members will receive an exclusive one on one consultation with a MCS expert on suspension setups and what it will take to become a faster driver. Please email [email protected] with your NASA member number to get connected with an expert today.

In addition, Motion Control Systems also offers a generous product credits contingencies for regional and championships competition.

Motorsports Maps

Motorsport Maps is proud to be NASA’s official provider for Track Maps and racetrack guides. Motorsport Maps began by creating the most accurate and functional track maps available for motorsport enthusiasts. They have standardized the track map for every track on the planet, and their trusted, uniform design ensures consistency and accuracy.

Active NASA members are eligible for an exclusive 20 percent discount on all Motorsport Maps products.

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