NASA Prototype Undergoes Testing to Find New Spec Tire

NASA conducted tire tests in early November to find a new spec tire for the new NP01 Evo NASA Prototype.

On Election Day, when most of the country was at the polls to choose a president, NASA had three NASA Prototypes, including the new NP01 Evo, at Buttonwillow Raceway testing to find a new spec tire for the NP01 class.

Representatives from Toyo, Yokohama, Hoosier and Hankook were on hand with several offerings vying to be the spec tire for the NASA Prototype class.

The new NP01 Evo now benefits from more grip thanks to added downforce provided by a front splitter ramp and rear diffuser, and a relocated rear wing. The new NP01 Evo also comes with more power, up from 185 to 210 and some improvements to rear suspension components to enhance durability. The raft of new enhancements necessitated the need to conduct tire tests, which concluded Wednesday, Nov. 4.

“The idea with the 2021 Evo package was just an evolution of the car,” said NASA Vice President Jeremy Croiset, who spearheaded the NASA Prototype program. “More speed, grip, power and aero for a better price. The Evo car is being sold as it is for $69,995, and that’s assembled.”

Selection of the chosen new tire should be announced by the beginning of December 2020. NASA officials have to pore through the data and driver comments over the coming weeks.

Image courtesy of Brett Becker

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