Since NOLA Motorsports Park opened in 2012, the track has been the owner and operator of the NASA NOLA Region. In 2021, David Pace was hired as the new general manager and wanted an outside group to run the NASA events. This would allow NOLA Motorsports Park to focus on running the track intentionally and successfully.

John and Michelle Crosby, who have been the event directors for Porsche Club of America at NOLA since 2012, were brought in to plan and execute the NASA events as a short-term solution. As of 2023, it has been agreed between NOLA Motorsports Park, NASA National, and John and Michelle Crosby to form a new NASA Region: NASA Gulf South. This will enable the new region to function independently from the track, bring in personnel to operate the region, and remain viable for the long term. NOLA Motorsports Park will remain a strong partner and provide marketing support for all NASA Gulf South events that take place at the facility.

John has been involved in car racing for more than 30 years and Michelle for over 10 years. John was the National Chairman of the PCA Club Racing program six years and a race steward for more than 20 years. The plan for the new region is to operate five to six NASA HPDE/TT/race events per year at NOLA Motorsports Park. The new region already has engaged with several other NASA regions hosting crossover events. There may also be the possibility of conducting off-road races and time trials at NOLA’s off-road facility.

Hosting HPDEs and races at other tracks in the Gulf South area may be considered after the region is better established. The Crosbys will be assisted by an advisory board of NASA members who have all been involved in various capacities with the NASA program for over 10 years. By having an independent entity, it will also provide for a smooth transition from the Crosbys to new management of Gulf South Region when that time comes. The 2023 schedule is below for events at NOLA Motorsports Park and other region joint events.

2023 Gulf South Schedule

Jan. 28-29 — MSR Houston

(Crossover event with NASA Texas)

Feb. 11-12 — NASA Gulf South Region HPDE and Race

(Crossover event with NASA Florida)

March date TBD — NASA Gulf South Region HPDE and Race

(Will include a Comp School)

June 10-11 — NASA Gulf South Region HPDE and Race

July 15-16 — Barber Motorsports Park

(Crossover event with NASA Mid-South)

Sept. 30 – Oct. 1 — NASA Gulf South Region HPDE and Race

(Crossover event with NASA Texas)

Dec. 2-3 — NASA Gulf South Region HPDE and Race

(Crossover event with NASA Mid-South)

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