One guiding principle for creating new Member Benefits partnerships is working with companies who can help NASA members save on things they’re already spending money on.

NASA partners offer members discounts on everything from tires and insurance to safety equipment to rental cars and even laptop computers and more. NASA’s newest Member Benefits partner will help NASA members save money on hotel stays all season long.

Enrolling with Hotel Engine is free and easy. NASA members can create their account here. As long as you are booking with at least once a year, you will remain enrolled in the program. partners with every major hotel loyalty program, so you can continue to accumulate rewards points in programs to which you already belong. Even better, has its own rewards program so you can accumulate points in both programs by booking through!

Booking is even easier. Just enter the city you want to visit, and will bring up a map of hotel locations and booking details in a column on the left side of the page. Not all rooms with pass-through rewards will have discounted rates, but NASA members can expect to save 15 percent on average.

You can include filters for the kinds of amenities you must have and those you can do without, and you can even edit your trips after you’ve booked them, if you want to add guests or change dates. You can even reserve blocs of up to eight rooms if you’re booking for a group, and if you need help, has support available 24/7 from a U.S.-based call center.

With the latest addition to the program, NASA members can save enough money through Member Benefits to recoup the cost of their NASA membership several times over. Welcome,!

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