Getting your car into and out of a trailer is made much easier with Race Ramps, and now NASA members enjoy a 20 percent discount on them. If you don’t already know, Race Ramps makes lightweight foam ramps that are 100 percent solid and can support up to a 6,000-pound vehicle. The heavy-duty ramps can support up to a 10,000 lb. vehicle. Made out of a high-density expanded polystyrene and coated with a hybrid polyurea, Race Ramps are lightweight and effective for gaining the clearance to get your car to and from the track.

With more than 100 products, Race Ramps also specializes in producing ramps for low-clearance cars. From service ramps and trailer ramps to rack and lift ramps, there are lots of solutions with low angles of approach.

To place an order with your discount, contact Race Ramps 866-464-2788 with your NASA member ID ready.

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