NASA Introduces New Endurance Series – No Comp License Required

The Team Racing Endurance Challenge (TREC) is a new NASA enduro series that focuses on fun and lots of track time — and you don’t need a competition license to be part of the action.

Anyone with a driver’s license can participate in a TREC race. Minors who race with NASA are also eligible to participate. Cars are classed using a combination of time brackets and base classing listed in the TREC rules, and all vehicles compete on tires marked with treadwear 180 or higher by the manufacturer. This new series is a definite departure from the typical NASA competition event with a heavy emphasis on fun above all else.

“NASA’s High Performance Driving Events have introduced thousands of people to the joys of driving their cars on track,” said NASA Vice President Jeremy Croiset. “Now, with our new TREC series, drivers with little to no experience can get in on the fun of wheel-to-wheel endurance racing with a professional sanctioning body like NASA. This new program establishes a new pathway for people to attain a NASA Competition license.”

Drivers who complete four TREC events may apply for a TREC license qualifying them to participate in the fastest TREC class. Anyone with previous racing experience may apply for a TREC license. Those who holds a TREC license and successfully complete six TREC events will be eligible to apply for a full NASA competition license.

TREC events will be offered in various NASA regions in the latter half of 2019 with many additional regions coming online for the 2020 season. Check out #DRIVENASA Community for updates when new TREC events are added to the calendar. You can also contact your local NASA region to find out when their first TREC event will be.





  1. If this has the fun and hijinks of Champ Car, the non ‘crap can’ vibe of AER and the professionalism of NASA, this is a slam dunk for a good time and the single best way to get gobs seat time while honing one’s craft… Color me intrigued.

  2. This is awesome, my ultimate goal/bucket list was to run an endurance race like the 25 hour Thunderhill but figured it would be years. Now it looks like it’s a possibility next year and I love the way NASA runs events and their expectations of all participants. Yet another reason I am proud to be a NASA member.

  3. Come one, come all. TREC is going to be another great way to get on track under the blanket of safety and professionalism that NASA provides.

  4. Curious to see how long the races will be. I run with World Racing League now and also have a NASA comp license. I am looking forward to this as an additional endurance racing series

  5. We also run WRL for the past few years, and the rules are only 16 pgs. long. It’s been good for us in GP3 with our ’79 Triumph “Triata”, and yours sounds very interesting.

  6. I ran it last year at Sonoma nice upgrade from lemons and LD. I’m glad they are using some sort of timing, I have a 240z and was no competition for the E46s I was running against. The overnight impound was new to me, I’m used to working on the car overnight

  7. I also ran the first one a Sonoma and a few Champ Car races since then. It was good, very mixed classes with older cars and Spec E46.

    I agree with previous poster that you need to be a way to work on your car overnight. Champ Car treats each day as a separate race, so its not a problem. I like the idea of a single two day race, but I think its hard for a low budget team to build a bullet proof car that doesn’t need some work during the course of two days.

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