Good communication is essential for the success of any race team, or NASA region and track staff, for that matter. To help foster better communication, NASA National is excited to announce Midland Radio Corporation as “the official communications partner of NASA.”

Midland Radio offers a complete and versatile product line with Family Radio Service, General Mobile Radio Service radios. Midland also offers MicroMobile two-way radios, which are ideal for work and play, and offer up to 10 times the range as traditional GMRS two-way radios. Today, Midland offers more than a dozen handheld radios, fit for any scenario.

“We’re always eager to add value to a NASA membership and save our members money on the items they need to compete, and this new partnership with Midland Radios is a perfect example,” said NASA CEO Jeremy Croiset. “It’s never been easier to recoup the cost of your NASA membership by taking advantage of all the product discounts that come with our Member Benefits. As we continue to add national partners, we hope our members will take full advantage of the savings they offer.”

With this agreement, NASA members are eligible for a 15 percent discount on all Midland Products. You can find out more by logging into your NASA account, navigating to the Member Benefits page and clicking on the link to Midland Radios. The discounts are effective immediately in the partnership, which continues through 2025.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey as the official communications partner of NASA. Just as seamless communication is crucial on the track, it is equally vital for the NASA community,” said Andrew Kinsman, Director of Marketing, Midland Radio Corporation. “Midland Radio is dedicated to enhancing connectivity, and we look forward to providing NASA members with top-tier communication solutions, fostering success both on and off the racecourse.”

To learn more, log into your NASA account, navigate to the Member Benefits page and click on the link to Midland Radios.

Image courtesy of Midland Radios


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