NASA Gulf South Region would like to acknowledge the support of its sponsors, all of which are Gulf South members and avid motorsports enthusiasts. The funding received from Gulf South sponsors is used primarily for racing and Time Trial awards, social events, such as dinners on event weekends, and to provide lunches for track workers at each event. Below is an introduction of Gulf South’s 2023 Sponsors. Thank you all!

Donovan Controls

Donovan Controls is a Louisiana-based technology company, specializing in oil- and gas-flow measurement and control. Established in 1997, Donovan Controls is the industry leader in custody transfer measurement, allocation, and pipeline integrity flow measurement. Utilizing ISN-certified Field Technicians, a UL-508A Industrial Control Panel Shop, a complete Meter Assembly Fabrication Facility, 50-5200 BPH Meter Proving Shop, and in-house Volume Accounting, PLC, and Flow Computer software development. It’s founder, Paul Donovan has raced with NASA since 2009 and recently, grandson Tyler (Schummi) Donovan Clement has begun his NASA racing career in a Spec Miata.

Medical Rehab Accident Injury Center

Michael Haydel, owner of Medical Rehab Accident Injury Center in Metairie, La., began sponsoring NASA events in 2018. Established in 2003, MRAIC is a multidisciplinary accident injury rehab facility that specializes in treatment of acute trauma injuries, such as auto accidents. Haydel’s experience in car racing began in 2000 when he started racing a 1973 911 RS Replica with HSR and SVRA. When NOLA Motorsports Park opened in 2012, he began racing with NASA in a 2001 Boxer S and currently races a 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Club Sport. Haydel has participated in NASA and PCA events throughout Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. Haydel’s son Logan, age 24, is also a NASA licensed driver and participates as often as he can in a 2012 Porsche Cayman S. Michael is always willing to discuss future NASA Events in the Gulf South Region or just talk about racing. Please feel free to call -985-789-7481.

Stan’s Auto Center

Stan’s Auto Center of Lafayette, La., was founded by Stan Cosper in 1977. In addition to auto repair, Stan’s Auto Center also provides race prep, setup, and technical inspections. Cosper has been racing since 1985, starting in carts and has raced open- and closed-wheel series ever since. After several years of avid racing in Spec Miata, Cosper partnered with John Somner, and formed Stan’s Racing where they field race cars in the NASA Super Touring class. Interested drivers looking for seats may contact Cosper at [email protected] or on the website.

Chris Carver Motorsports

Chris Carver Motorsports is a Louisiana-based automotive service provider offering everything from rental racers to car fabrication and trackside support. Chris Carver started a racing path of autocross and local drag racing back in 1998 moving into road racing shortly after going into Pro IT racing with a home-built Nissan 240SX. NASA came to Louisiana in 2005. From that time forward CCM has supported NASA nationally and across the Gulf South. Filling roles of assistance as Race Director, Chief of Impound, Chief of Tech, and a host of other duties, including competition school. In addition to other volunteer duties around the country, Carver is current the Race Director for all events hosted by the newly formed NASA Gulf South Region.

New Industries LLC

New Industries LLC is a steel fabricator and manufacturer of pressure vessels and equipment for the offshore oil and gas, petrochemical, and marine industries as well as the sugar processing industry. Bill New founded the company in 1986, which is in Morgan City, La., on a 25-acre waterfront facility. New became involved with NASA in 2016 at NOLA Motorsports Park, beginning in HPDE1 and working his way up to Time Trial and eventually racing. New Industries is happy to continue supporting the Gulf South Region through our sponsorship.

Canserv Inc.

Kenneth Cangelosi, owner of Canserv Inc., moved from karting into auto racing 20 years ago. According to Cangelosi, road course racing has introduced him to many great people who have become his closest friends and largest client base. He also says “Racing is one of the few activities requiring 100 percent mental and physical commitment for extended periods. Because of the intense focus, many competitors find that racing becomes a means to step away from daily intensity of their profession.” One Sunday after a race weekend, Cangelosi’s wife told him “It’s as if your battery is recharged after spending a weekend racing!” Cangelosi is a proud sponsor of NASA which has been good to him, his family, and his business.

Geaux Moto

Located in Hammond, La, Geaux Moto is a quick one-hour drive from their home track, NOLA Motorsports Park. Geaux Moto operates out of an 18,000-square-foot shop that supports a growing customer base of primarily compact import drivers. NC and ND Miatas are their specialty, and they usually have around 15 cars in the shop at any one time. Geaux Moto is equipped to handle frame repairs, suspension mods, 3D alignments, tire changes and computer balancing, complete PPG approved paint system and powder coating, all in house. Customers’ cars stay under one roof from start to finish no matter what the job entails. They also offer turnkey cars ready for the street and track, as well as rentals to help get new driver’s feet wet in the growing sport of track driving. Troy and his son Dayton are NASA members and will be competing in a 400-hp Miata ND in TTU as well as a 200hp Miata ND in TT5 during the 2023 NASA season.

Physical Medicine and Injury Center

Physical Medicine and Injury Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing sports, auto, and other injuries along with wellness programs. The staff members are board-certified physicians in ortho spine surgery, ortho extremity surgery, interventional pain treatments, and mild traumatic brain injury. On the health and wellness side, their state-of-the-art medical spa offers the latest in weight loss utilizing the invisa-RED weight loss system. PMIC also offers Botox injections, Juvéderm fillers, SkinPen micro needling facials with and without PRP, IV hydration therapy infusions to keep you looking and feeling you best. Owner, Shay Corbin, a lifelong motorsports enthusiast, resumed his off-road motorcycle racing in 2012 at the tender age of 44. In 2015 Shay decided to switch to on-road racing in a Spec Miata and started participating in NASA racing. Shay recently won the points championship in SM in the NASA Gulf South region and is moving into ST3 in a Porsche Cayman.

Copeland’s of New Orleans

Al Copeland, owner of Copeland’s of New Orleans, has been a member of NASA for 10 years. Copeland came from a background of offshore powerboat racing from the mid-1980s to the early 90s. When the track opened in New Orleans, Copeland was committed, and he signed up as a lifetime member of NOLA Motorsports Park. Now that he had a home track, he would transition his need for speed and embrace auto racing. The NASA organization was instrumental in helping to develop Copeland’s driving skills from the novice level and all the way up the rankings through the Time Trial. He ran Time Trial for many years, and eventually received his racing license where he competed in his first races with NASA in 2021. In 2022, he purchased his first racecar and looks forward to continuing his racing career with NASA. Copeland has become a sponsor through his restaurant organization, Copeland’s of New Orleans, a proud supporter of the NASA racing program. Copeland’s believes in showing love for the community through passion for food, supporting employees and being involved in local programs like NASA. In 2023, Copeland’s celebrates 40 years of serving fresh, made-from-scratch dishes. In honor of this milestone, Copeland’s unveils its new branding elements while giving guests the same local New Orleans feel, with delicious food and convenience. This combines the two things Al loves the most: Passion for food and auto racing.


Nolasport specializes in Porsche sales, service and racing. It also offers support varying from local open track day event all the way up to racing at the professional level in several different platforms in North America. Nolasport owner, Jon Scheurich, has played a huge role in the growth of the Porsche and motorsports community alike here in Louisiana. With the birth of the Gulf South Region, local NASA events have increased exposure of NOLA Motorsports Park to the New Orleans community, and the results have been more clients participating in the track events. You can always find Nolasport prepped cars on track at our events and walk on over to their onsite “Speed Shop” location to view the state-of-the-art shop where the cars sleep at night. NASA events provide an excellent environment for the first-time track event attendee to learn and advance in their driver development. Have a look at Nolasport’s inventory online.

Image courtesy of NOLA Motorsports Park

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