To give NASA members an easier and more engaging online experience, and to make it easier for more people to get out on track, NASA has debuted its new official website. is now!

All the information NASA members entered in the old website has been seamlessly transitioned to the new website. Even if members type in the old website URL, they’ll be automatically redirected to the new NASA web portal and all the great new features it offers.

“Our new website is the culmination of vision and hard work from our Chief Technology Officer, Roman Vaisman, and I can’t thank him enough for putting together this brand-new online portal for NASA and its membership,” said NASA Vice President Jeremy Croiset. “Not only will it streamline many of the processes for NASA members nationwide, it also will help bring in new members who find us through search and social media referrals. From the videos and imagery to the user experience, is the online portal that will take NASA to the next level.”

Visitors to can find all the information they need in one place, and it has been optimized for mobile and desktop browsing platforms. Whether it’s explaining NASA’s sprint and endurance racing and Time Trial classes to answering the many questions novice drivers have about our HPDE program, helps make it easier than ever to get on track with NASA.


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