Drivers with HPDE3-level experience can compete in TREC enduros, which require that the car run on 180 or greater treadwear tires.

NASA Arizona is excited to prepare for the inaugural four-hour Team Racing Endurance Challenge race January 28 at the Podium Club at Attesa, a new race course due south of Chandler, Ariz., just off Interstate 8.

As you know, drivers with HPDE3-level experience are eligible to take part in TREC races, with no medical application or official NASA competition license required. You can read the rules here. All the same safety rules apply to the cars, which also must run tires with 180 treadwear ratings or higher.

Don’t miss your chance to get hours of seat time at a brand new track. Interested drivers can register here. All questions should be directed to NASA Arizona Regional Director Tage Evanson.

Image courtesy of Brett Becker

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