NASA Announces New Event Protocols to Combat COVID-19

This article has been updated as of May 21, 2021.

When we finally return to the racetrack, NASA events, as you once knew them, will have changed. Our safety protocols on the racetrack are the finest in the industry, and with the advent of the coronavirus, NASA must rethink the way we conduct our events, for the safety of our drivers, crew, staff and track personnel.

We at NASA are going to do everything we can to keep our people safe, but inevitably many of the new safety protocols will be the responsibility of NASA members. With your participation, with your help, we as an organization will be able to comply with Centers for Disease Control and Opening America guidelines at all times or risk being shut down again.

These program changes are set forth as minimum guidelines for all NASA Regions and NASA members to meet. Participants who refuse to comply with these policies will be asked to leave the event upon first offense.


  • NASA Covid-19 protocols may be overridden by local or State regulations or individual local track policies.  In that case, those regulations and policies will be adhered to.
  • When the term “unvaccinated” is used below, it includes individuals who are not two weeks post vaccination with the J&J vaccine or the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and those who have not recovered from Covid-19 in the prior 90 days.

General Member Protocols

  • Unvaccinated participants should wear a cloth mouth and nose face covering or other non-venting PPE mask when in public areas such as at meetings, Driver Info and Registration, vendor areas and food lines, photography viewing areas, pregrid, fan stands and track viewing areas, “communal” rental garages, and vehicle tech inspection. Drivers do not need to wear a mask or face covering while in their vehicles.
  • Unvaccinated participants should continue to maintain 6 feet social distancing. Face coverings are not a substitute for physical/social distancing.
  • Vulnerable individuals to COVID-19 (those greater than 74 years old, and those with serious underlying medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic lung disease and asthma, or immunocompromised state) should take extra care to protect themselves, such as RNA vaccination or strict social distancing and protective (KN95 or N-95) masking if unvaccinated.  Non-vulnerable participants need to understand that there is risk of bringing the virus home from any event and should take extra caution to isolate from vulnerable individuals once back home.
  • Participants who are sick or coughing should not go to the event and will be required to leave.

NASA Staff Protocols

  • Unvaccinated NASA staff working indoors or outside potentially in close proximity to participants or other staff members should wear a face covering or mask.
  • Race control and timing shall be restricted to essential personnel only.
  • Any lines that may form during the event for participants or staff should be planned for ahead of time to allow 6-foot distancing guidelines for the unvaccinated. This can include the lunch line to order food, driver info, etc.


  • In-car instruction will not be a required part of NASA HPDE curriculum until further notice.
  • HPDE Students that want to request in-car instruction may do so through the region hosting their respective event.
  • Students who wish to ride alone can request on-track instruction through lead-follow.
  • HPDE1 will require the first session on each event day be “paced” by 3-plus instructor vehicles. This “pacing” is intended to control speed for the first session, allowing HPDE1 students to familiarize themselves with the track.


  • Unvaccinated participants and Tech inspectors should wear masks and allow six feet social distancing when in crowded areas.

Podium Ceremonies 

  • Unvaccinated participants and staff should wear masks and allow six feet social distancing when in crowded areas.

We very much look forward to welcoming all NASA members back to the track for their fun filled adrenaline packed weekends!


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