Building on the success of its updated Super Touring rules structure, the National Auto Sport Association is excited to announce that it also will adopt Super Touring rules for its endurance racing series across the country.

That means the new endurance class rules will apply to the Western Endurance Racing Challenge series and will also be eligible for NASA’s new Team Racing Endurance Challenge that debuted in 2018. Existing endurance classes will equate to the new ST classes as follows:


ES = ST1/ST2

E0 = ST3

E1 = ST4

E2 = ST5

E3 = ST6

NASA has also created a subset of E3 called E3S. The “S” stands for spec and will include NASA’s most popular spec classes: Spec Miata, Spec E30 and 944 Spec.

“The new class rules provide a clear long-term strategy for our enduro classes to grow and offer greater levels of competition and parity as we expand our enduro program around the country with the new TREC series,” said NASA Vice President Jeremy Croiset. “We’ve adopted our ST rules because they are the fastest growing classes in NASA, and they include virtually all makes and models of cars allowing practically any competition vehicle to race with us — in sprints and enduros.”

The change to a single rule set ensures NASA competitors will enjoy far better class parity while also allowing for NASA to conduct more thorough technical compliance should the need arise. The new rules complement NASA’s high standards of safety and professionalism to provide competitors the safest and more well organized place to race while providing even greater value for their endurance racing dollar.

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