NASA Announces New Contingency Prize Program for HPDE Drivers

Contingency prizes are a big part of amateur racing. Now, drivers in NASA’s HPDE program can take advantage of contingency prizes, too.

NASA’s new HPDE Awards Program lets drivers who advance from one HPDE level to the next to collect awards good toward the purchase of Hawk Performance brake pads.

“NASA is the only sanctioning body ever to offer contingency prizes for track-day drivers,” said NASA Vice President Jeremy Croiset. “With this new program, people who drive their car to and from work, and to and from the track, can take advantage of this great new contingency awards program.”

Here’s how the HPDE Awards Program works.

Drivers advancing from HPDE1 to HPDE2 earn a 25 percent discount off any Hawk Performance pads. When a driver advances from HPDE2 to HPDE3, the discount increases to 30 percent. From HPDE3 to HPDE4, the discount increases to 35 percent, and those who advance from HDPE4 to Time Trial get 40 percent off.

“Hawk Performance loves being involved in the grassroots racing scene, and is very excited to help welcome new racers through the HPDE program,” said Lindsey Nikolai, Marketing Manager for Hawk Performance. “We love helping novice racers as they develop into better racers and learn how important their brakes are to their growth.”

A NASA National sponsor for more than a decade, Hawk Performance offers pads and rotors for thousands of high-performance applications, and even more for daily-driven vehicles, from pickups and SUVs to sedans and motorcycles.

This program is available beginning immediately for NASA HPDE drivers, who can look forward to more prize announcements in the near future. For details, click HERE.

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