Wouldn’t it be great if there were a NASA contingency and Member Benefits partner that offered rewards and discounts on hardcore racing parts we all need? Well, now there is, and, boy, is it comprehensive!

Summit Racing has partnered with NASA to offer contingency payouts to Time Trial and road racing drivers, rewards for HPDE drivers who move from one level to the next, and rewards for NASA instructors based on days of instruction. Let’s break down the numbers.

For contingencies, racing and TT drivers in classes where there are five or more starters, first place earns you $75 in “Summit Bucks” good toward purchases on SummitRacing.com. Second place gets you $50 and third gets you $25 in Summit Bucks. Decals on participating cars are required.

HPDE drivers also are included in the program. Advancing from any level to the next earns you $50 in Summit Bucks. HPDE instructors also can earn $50 in Summit Bucks for performing three days of instruction, $50 more for six days and $50 more for 10 days. This program covers everyone!

Summit Bucks are good the for the entire year in which you earn them, and can be accumulated and combined for even greater savings.

“We were eager to work with NASA on this great new contingency and benefits program,” said Jim Greenleaf, motorsports and events manager for Summit Racing. “Of course, we’re enthusiastic about racing and Time Trial, but NASA membership also includes HPDE drivers who most often drive their cars do and from the track. Not only can this program help them get the parts they need with the Summit Bucks program, but also reward them and their instructors as they build their skills and develop their cars. It’s a perfect fit for Summit Racing.”

Active NASA racing and Time Trial drivers also are eligible for the Summit Pro Shop Program for additional exclusive discount pricing. To register for the Summit Pro Shop Program, sign in to your profile on DriveNASA.com and download a copy of your digital membership card, then either call Summit at 800-795-0260 or email [email protected]. Once approved, you can get started at ProShop.SummitRacing.com/Login

“We have a lot of great benefits programs currently active for NASA members, but this one could become a favorite for our drivers,” said NASA CEO Jeremy Croiset. “Every gear head I’ve ever known has bought something from Summit at one time or another, so to be able to partner with the company is especially rewarding. We hope this new program makes our sport more affordable and enjoyable for ever greater numbers of drivers looking to get on track with NASA.”

For more information, visit the NASA Member benefits page.


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