NASA Announces New and Renewed Contingencies for 2020!

You spend your offseason refreshing your racecar. NASA national spends its offseason scouring the marketplace for more member benefits and contingency prize plans for NASA members.

For 2020, Ford Performance Racing has signed on again to offer prize programs for regional and championships competition in Spec Iron, American Iron, American Iron Extreme — and even for Ford drivers in Super Touring classes!

Maxxis Tires also has renewed its programs for regional and championships competition. The Maxxis program includes American Iron Extreme, German Touring Series, Super Touring, Time Trial and Rally Sport. What’s more, Maxxis also has also added a new program for endurance racing.

New for 2020 is a program from Hankook Motorsports, which has programs in regional and championships competition for drivers who use its Z214 and F200 tires. Hankook also has introduced a program for endurance races other than the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

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