NASA Announces More Contingency Programs for 2022

One way to spread the wealth to as many competitors as possible, is to create contingency programs that lots of drivers can take advantage of.

With that in mind, NASA is pleased to announce a number of new and renewed contingency for 2022, with still more to come this year.

Ford Performance

The Ford Mustang is one of the most popular cars in NASA racing. Competitors who race a 2005 and up Mustang and 1999 or newer Ford Focus in any of NASA’s “Iron” series or Super Touring, are eligible for the contingency program from Ford Performance.

Ford Performance is offering cash prizes for regional competition and regional championships and a generous payout schedule for podium finishers at this year’s NASA Championships at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. So, tune up your Coyotes and your three-valvers and cash in with Ford Performance!

Nissan Motorsports 

NISMO is back with a contingency program paid by check, and the prizes are handsome indeed! Super Touring and Spec Z competitors can earn up to $550 for first, $300 for second and $150 for third when five or more cars start the race. There are smaller cash prizes for when three more cars start the event, and a generous program for the NASA Championships, but the program is open to 350Z, 370Z, GT-R and Altima drivers. Details and registration information is available on NASA’s Nissan Motorsports contingency page.

Hankook Motorsports 

Competitors in American Iron Extreme, German Touring Series, WERC endurance racing, Super Touring and Time Trial can score free tires and gift certificates worth up to $100 off Hankook tires depending on the number of starters in the class, with awards for first, second and third place. Hankook’s Z214 and F200 are the tires eligible for the continency benefits, and competitors can earn up to four tires per event! Program details are on NASA’s Hankook Motorsports contingency page.

Injector Pulse (NASA Championships Only)

Spec Miata National Director Xavier Calderon’s company Injector Pulse is once again offering a contingency program to all racing and Time Trial classes at this year’s NASA Championships, with one free service plus $100 for finishing in first place, one free service plus $50 for second and one free service for third. All that’s required are one decal on each fender and that competitors must have injector service done in 2022 prior to the championship event. The rest of the details and claim information can be found on the contingency page.

Toyo/TrackDayTire HPDE Rewards Program 

The only program of its kind for track-day drivers is back for 2022. HPDE drivers can claim $100 in Toyo Bucks when moving from HPDE1 to HPDE2. When moving from HPDE2 to HPDE3, the rewards increase to $200. Going from 3 to 4 nets you $300 in Toyo Bucks and going from HPDE4 to Time Trial nets you $600 in Toyo Bucks. No other track day organization or sanctioning body offers such a program.

Hawk HPDE Rewards Program

Hawk Performance also is offering HPDE drivers rewards for climbing the HPDE ladder. Hawk Performance offers 25 percent off orders on Hawk product for advancing from HPDE1 to HPDE2, 30 percent off from 2 to 3, 35 percent from 3 to 4 and 40 percent off for advancing from HPDE4 to Time Trial. You can see all the program details on the contingency page.

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