In recognition of the importance of fire safety in amateur motorsports, the National Auto Sport Association has partnered with Lifeline USA as the Official Fire Suppression Partner of NASA and an Official National Sponsor. The partnership signifies NASA’s commitment to safety.

“Fire is a serious matter, and we wanted to forge a partnership that reflects how seriously we take the issue,” said NASA Vice President Jeremy Croiset. “With Lifeline USA as a partner, we can provide our racers with solutions for their fire suppression needs from a leader in the industry.”

The partnership elevates Lifeline USA as one of the premier providers of fire suppression equipment to professional and amateur motorsports markets. Lifeline USA offers a wide range of motorsport systems that employ AFFF foam, Novec 1230, and other extinguishants with automatic, mechanical and electrical actuation. Kits come complete and ready for installation, with all necessary components included.

All kits are available as part of the member benefits program from Competition Motorsport, NASA’s official motorsports equipment supplier.

“While Lifeline in the UK serves over 80 percent of manufacturers directly to provide fire suppression and other safety gear for GT, prototype, formula, rally, and touring cars, our approach in America is more direct interaction with racers to provide the same industry-leading products the factories use, as well as education on proper selection, installation, and use,” said Lifeline USA President James Clay. “NASA is a cornerstone of the U.S. road racing market, with a large group of competitive racers who are engaged and hands-on, and I am looking forward to the ability to advance the overall safety in the field through our multi-year partnership.”

Image courtesy of Brett Becker


    • Hi Bette,

      They are not, for good reason – as NASA is requiring SFI or FIA systems, these systems are designed, tested, and pass the most stringent fire tests in the world, and to ensure that they are filled and pressurized correctly 100% of the time, they are required to go back to an authorized servicing dealer (not just your local fire bottle place who does your building fire extinguishers) to ensure the right pieces and materials are used, and the bottle will activate when needed.


  1. Hi Bette,

    To meet FIA and SFI standards, Lifeline refills its AFFF and Novec 1230 systems, not the user. Return the bottle to Lifeline or one of its authorized distributors.

  2. Just bought a Novec system for our spec miata. We went through Competition motorsports during their black Friday sale and get a great deal on the system. The NASA discount is also pretty good. Can’t wait to install it and get through annual tech. And finally get back to racing!

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