NASA drivers now can benefit from a new contingency program from NASA’s newest national partner, VP Racing.

VP Racing’s new contingency offering is available to all racing and Time Trial competitors. There is no requirement to prove the use of VP Racing products, but you must run VP Racing decals on both sides of your car. VP Racing will ship decals to all NASA regions, and they will be available on a complimentary basis to any interested competitor.

In classes where there are five or more competitors, VP Racing will award $100 in VP Bucks to the winner, with $75 for second and $50 for third. Even better, $25 in VP Bucks also will be available to fifth- and 10th-place finishers, so lots of drivers can get a piece of the pie.

“VP Racing is proud to be involved with a series like NASA, which has given rise to some of the best racers on the planet while creating a place for amateurs and beginners alike to hone their craft in their respective regions,” said VP Racing Senior Marketing Manager Kevin Parlett. “As a NASA member and racer for over a decade, I am proud to know VP Racing is involved with grassroots motorsports’ premier sanctioning body. Many racers worldwide know VP Racing as the industry leader in race fuel, but we don’t stop there. We have an entire line of products that align perfectly with the needs of the thousands of NASA racers across the country.

“From road racing essentials like our 622° Brake Fluid to our 100 percent water-based and track-approved Stay Frosty Race Ready Coolant to our wide range of engine oils, gear oils, additives and detailers, chances are, VP makes a product that can improve your racing experience and keep your vehicle performing its best, lap after lap,” he continued. “We hope our contingency program will prove our products with every racer, and we look forward to building a long relationship with the series, the regions, the racers and the people that make NASA great.”

Like a lot of contingency programs, VP Bucks must be claimed within 30 days of an event and used within 60 days. Here’s how the system works: $100 VP Bucks certificate is good when used on a purchase of $200 or more. Likewise a $75 certificate is good toward a purchase of $150 or more and so on.

VP Racing also will be shipping two cases of Stay Frosty coolant and two cases of its 622 DOT4  brake fluid to regions. That means HPDE drivers who need top off their master cylinder or cooling systems can visit the tech shed to get needed supplies.

NASA Championships Contingency Prizes from VP Racing

There are even more contingency prizes available to 2023 NASA Championships competitors. NASA Champions will receive a VP Racer Pack, a $500 value that features VP Pro Grade engine oil, VP 622° brake fluid, Stay Frosty race-ready coolant, detailers, apparel and more!

Podium finishers at the 2023 NASA Championships also will be awarded VP Bucks. First place gets $200 in VP Bucks, with $150 for second, $100 for third, $50 in VP Bucks for fifth through 10th place! This program is available to racing and Time Trial competitors, and there are no requirements for competitors to put decals to their cars.

“Every new national partner brings additional value to the NASA membership,” said NASA CEO Jeremy Croiset. “We’re especially pleased to partner with VP Racing, and to make this new contingency program available to NASA members nationwide. We believe it will help our drivers save money on the kinds of products they’re already buying month in and month out.”

Image courtesy of Brett Becker

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