With the 2024 NASA Championships fast approaching, NASA is pleased to announce the track configuration that will be used for this year’s event. As in 2013, we will be using the Outer Loop for the 2024 NASA Championships.

The Outer Loop is the most-challenging configuration at Utah Motorsports Campus. From the fast front straightaway long enough to land a small airplane on, to the fast and wicked Witchcraft, the tricky Attitudes and the all-important Windup, which leads onto that long front straight, the Outer Loop will be the prime platform for NASA Championships competition.

“We ran the Outer Loop at our last Championships event at Utah Motorsports Campus in 2013 and it provided some great competition,” said NASA CEO Jeremy Croiset. “This track has it all, from fast sweepers and tricky esses to some nasty hairpins that reward the patient driver. It’s not easy to drive fast at Utah Motorsports Campus, let alone win here, and that means a win will be all the more rewarding at this year’s Championships.”

You can download your copy of the track map from the NASA Championships home page. 

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