With the release of the schedule for the 2023 NASA Championships, NASA also is excited to announce the format for this year’s event.

After a test day on Thursday, Championships qualifying begins Friday morning and extends into the afternoon, with two time-based sessions in which drivers attempt to set their fastest lap times to set the grids for Saturday’s qualifying race. The fastest time from either session will count. The faster your lap, the farther forward you’ll be on grid for your qualifying race.

Saturday will have one qualifying race for each race group. Finishing position in the qualifying race will determine the grid for Sunday’s Championship race. Each stage of the 2023 NASA Championships is critical in that drivers must be inch-perfect each time they take to the track to set themselves up for the best starting position possible the big race on Sunday.

“Providing the finest competition experience for participants is our top priority for any NASA Championships event,” said NASA CEO Jeremy Croiset. “Throughout the 16 years we’ve been putting on the NASA Championships, we have learned a lot from our competitors through surveys and lots of feedback and believe we’ve landed on an ideal format. This format builds upon itself so that NASA drivers must get everything right every time to become National Champions.”

Drivers in all race classes who earn pole position will be awarded a complimentary set of Alpinestars racing gloves courtesy of NASA’s official equipment supplier Competition Motorsport.


  1. So the grid for Saturday’s Qual Race is set by the fastest time I can put down during either Qual 1 and Qual 2 on Friday?

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