Mazda Motorsports today unveiled Spec MX-5, a new class designed to be affordable, reliable, tech-able and fun-to-drive for club racers. Spec MX-5 will establish a national rules set and spec parts list for the 2006-2015 chassis Mazda Miata MX-5. The car will be classified into NASA ST5 among other sanctioning bodies’ classes. Mazda and Winding Road Racing are creating a spec series to compete at select, marquee events in 2020, culminating with what is expected to be the largest prize pool a club racing series will offer in 2020.

As part of Toyo Tires’ sponsorship of the class, the first 50 cars constructed will receive a complimentary set of tires and become eligible for contingencies and prize money for the finale at the end of the 2020 season. Mazda also has put in place generous parts discounts for early adopters.

Key features of Spec MX-5 include using a spec cylinder head built by Roush, adjustable Penske Racing shocks, ABS braking and a curb weight of 2,500 pounds. Power output was not available at press time, but remember that Playboy MX-5 Cup cars, which used the same MZR engine, produced 175 horsepower.

Mazda also has put in place performance and cost controls, with numerous spec components, including an ECU flash, Eibach springs and sway bars, Pagid brake pads, Toyo Tires and more.

A Spec MX-5 test vehicle built by Mazda Motorsports and driven by Andrew Carbonell and Tom Long began development in 2018, completed successful tests at Carolina Motorsports Park and Virginia International Raceway last week.

“Spec MX-5 provides an opportunity for us to put into place many of the lessons we have learned with our other successful classes, including Spec Miata, and provide a vehicle that has a different window of performance,” said David Cook, Manager, Mazda Motorsports Business Development. “Much like the first- and second-generation Mazda Miata, the third-generation Mazda Miata provides an excellent foundation for a club racecar, and we’ve sought to create a package that will fulfill the four pillars of affordable, reliable, tech-able and fun-to-drive.”

Mazda Motorsports and the companies providing support to Spec MX-5 have committed additional support in the form of reduced pricing for racers purchasing Spec MX-5 parts kits and enhanced contingency awards.

More information and pricing will be available at

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