After last week’s announcement that Spec E30 would be switching to the Maxxis Victra RC-1 as the new spec tire, driver feedback prompted Maxxis to offer an alternative decal requirement for the front of the car.

A windshield banner will still be the preferred decal placement, but alternate placement of the Maxxis decal on the right front corner of the hood is now also permitted.

“We’re really fortunate to have tire partners like Maxxis on board. They listened to the concerns of our Spec E30 racers nationwide and adjusted the decal requirements in response,” said NASA Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Croiset. “It shows a firm commitment to the series and a willingness to listen to our members. Our drivers will really appreciate hearing that a new alternate decal placement is available to them.”

Maxxis and the NASA National Office will continue to compile and address Spec E30 racer concerns and comments with regard to contingency changes and the overall administration of the new spec tire program.

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