For the January Yokohama Move of the Month contest, NASA Texas Spec Miata racer Chris Shaffer scooped up 39 percent of votes compared with 28 percent for second place and 18 percent for third. NASA voters chose his video from the 2023 NASA Championships at PittRace as the winner of the January Yokohama Move of the Month contest!

Shaffer started the 2023 NASA Championships in the middle of everything. As he takes the green flag he gets passed and does some passing, but after coming all the way from his home region in Texas, he ended up racing with Vinnie Baratta and Manfredi Alliata, two NASA Texas racers he regularly races with in his home region.

“Maybe it’s because we’re comfortable and we know each other, but it was great,” Shaffer said. “I really just went to compete for the points and for the experience.

“So there’s lots of passing opportunities when you make mistakes,” he added. “I think I made one there, I dropped a wheel out of — what was it, Turn 4? — and then a couple cars went by and it was good racing.”

His approach paid off because the points he collected at the 2023 NASA Championships helped propel him to the NASA Texas Spec Miata points lead headed into the region’s last event of the season at Eagles Canyon Raceway. Shaffer went on to win the NASA Texas Spec Miata regional championship.

NASA National partner Yokohama Tire is sponsoring the Yokohama Move of the Month by providing handsome wall plaques to each month’s winner. Shaffer is the January winner, but be sure to watch for new candidates each week in Speed News.

Images courtesy of CaliPhotography and David T Gillen


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