Intrinsic Camera Systems Added to NASA Member Benefits Program

In an effort to add more value to your membership, NASA is excited to announce a new partnership with Intrinsic Products, a leading manufacturer of dash cams and action cams, digital rearview systems and accessories.

NASA members get exclusive discounts on products like Intrinsic’s OnReal dash cameras, which offer capture TV-quality 1080p video with a 150-degree viewing angle. They also feature a unique magnetic mounting system that makes it easy to move the camera from car to car, or swap out cameras in seconds. One Intrinsic allows for 360-degree camera rotation to capture action from a variety of angles.

For racing you need an action cam, and Intrinsic’s OnReal B1KS+ 4k waterproof action camera offers 16 mp resolution with six DOF digital image stabilization. It offers a display on the back with touch screen controls, a wireless remote control you can wear on your wrist and a corresponding app for your smart phone all for less than $150.

Intrinsic also offers some great cameras for daily driving and for use on tow vehicles and trailers.


Image courtesy of Intrinsic Products

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