Inertia Lab has been a NASA contingency partner for a few years now, but for 2023, the company is upping the ante by offering a Member Benefits program for all NASA drivers!

Based in Dallas, Inertia Lab specializes in racing suspension development, shock absorbers, shock tuning, and shock accessories. Inertia Lab is a suspension sales and factory-authorized service facility for all Ohlins, Penske, JRZ, Nitron, Quantum, JRZ, and Tractive shocks. Inertia Lab was created with the vision of providing customers with the highest quality dampers, suspension service, chassis tuning, and support.

As part of the Member Benefits program, NASA drivers will receive a full set of shock covers with any four dampers serviced, a $100 value. Inertia Lab’s contingency payouts remain the same from 2022, but lower the starting requirements to a minimum of three in class from six originally.

Competitors must be using Nitron, JRZ, Penske or Ohlins shocks and have one Inertia Labs decal displayed on each side of the vehicle. Decals are available at NASA events nationwide. Be sure to check the NASA contingency page for full program details.

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