Hawk Performance to Sponsor NASA Endurance Racing Series

With the release of its new endurance compound pad, Hawk Performance and NASA are excited to announce that Hawk Performance is now the presenting sponsor of the Western Endurance Racing Championship and the Team Racing Endurance Championship series.

“Endurance racing is become more and more common in today’s motorsports, professionally and on a grassroots level,” said Taylor Allen, Hawk Performance sales manager. “Racing a car for 8, 16 or sometimes 24 hours straight brings an entirely new set of challenges to the driver and the vehicle. We’ve developed the ER-1 to solve the brake pad part of that equation, however in doing so created a pad that is also ideal for a variety of other motorsport applications.”

Hawk Performance developed the ER-1 for the endurance racing market with a simple goal of offering a higher coefficient of friction than competing endurance pads while maintaining matched or improved lifespan. Years of testing has resulted in a well-rounded compound that offers ideal modulation and pedal communication, with groundbreaking friction stability across a thermal range as high as 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit. This consistency of performance, hour after hour, makes it ideal for not only endurance racing, but HPDE, track days, Time Trial and even sprint racing.

Like all other Hawk Performance compounds, the ER-1 is designed to work with iron/metal rotors. Offering superior pad and rotor wear, the ER-1 provides consistent medium coefficients of friction, with specific emphasis on modulation, release and pedal communication. The new compound is ideal for light- to medium-weight vehicles.

The new Hawk Performance sponsorship will cover all WERC and TREC classes. It will include Hawk Performance’s presence at WERC events and the NASA Championships, a greater social media footprint at WERC events and Hawk Bucks payouts to finishers from first through fifth place in all classes.

Hawk Bucks Payout Schedule

First           $200

Second       $125

Third         $90

Fourth        $80

Fifth           $70

Image courtesy of Hawk Performance

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