The National Auto Sport Association is pleased to announce that Hawk Performance contingency program is now available! All NASA racers, TT drivers, HPDE drivers and instructors are encouraged to submit for their Hawk contingencies, including retroactive claims from the beginning of the NASA racing season.

There will be a bit of a backlog, so please be patient while Hawk processes the claims. Payouts are the same as those from 2023. What’s new is the addition of Hawk Bucks to the Instructor Benefits Program.

As the official brake product of NASA, Hawk Performance provides competitors finishing first through fifth with Hawk Bucks and up to $400 per class will be available every race weekend to competitors.

A NASA national partner since 2008, Hawk Performance, has continually provided value to drivers in NASA’s racing, Time Trial, instructor and HPDE programs through contingency support, education and driver outreach.

Hawk wishes all competitors the best of luck in the 2024 season!

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