Flowmaster Mufflers will be supporting United States Touring Car Championship teams during the 2017 season. One driver at each race will win the Flowmaster Award, a $500 certificate for Flowmaster products to help make their cars faster.

Thirty years ago, Flowmaster mufflers were conceived as a solution to sound issues at racetracks in California and beyond. In its effort to quiet race cars without reducing performance, Flowmaster refused to accept the status quo of the day, and instead pushed exhaust technology beyond common thinking. Flowmaster has continued to embrace new technologies in the automotive world, while continuing to deliver outstanding sound and performance benefits to all types of vehicles, from its legendary chambered mufflers as well as its laminar-flow designs.

The USTCC season began March 18 in Las Vegas, and the race was shown on Comcast Sports Channel, one of the NBC Sports networks.

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