ECS Tuning continues its long-standing partnership with NASA, extending its member benefits program into 2024. This program offers members a 10 percent discount on all purchases. Additionally, this year’s benefits include discounts at Turner Motorsport, a BMW specialist. The process has been streamlined for convenience — NASA members can now view their discount code directly within their NASA account, eliminating the need for separate sign-ups or registrations.

The ECS product line offers a range of performance accessories designed for various car models, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

ECS Tuning is building an old 250k mile E46 into a full racecar to enter into the 2024 season. The driver lineup includes a seasoned W2W racer, a newly licensed TT driver, and two additional HPDE3 students. The team plans to continue to evolve the E46 platform into a DIY-friendly racer that the average person could build in their garage. For most of 2024, the team will focus on seat time by entering the TREC series in the NASA Great Lakes region. You can follow their build and racing achievements on the ECS Tuning YouTube channel.

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